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Brief History

Richard has over a 1000 years experience in Recording, Theatre, Live and Touring. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the Music business should you need a shed building he's your man!


Learning by ear, he rapidly acquired considerable feel and groove: skills that remain vital elements of his playing today.

Richard's first live show was at a tender age. From there, he was hooked. In the years that followed, Richard toured the live circuits of the UK and Europe, while often deputising for bands at short notice..


The feel and musicality he brings to sessions - plus an ability to learn entire sets at short notice  has made Richard the 'go to guy' for groups, solo artists and producers worldwide.


His knowledge, groove - and instinct of when not to play - has led to Richard playing, performing alongside and touring with many of the world's high profile acts, including:


Foo Fighters

Fun Lovin' Criminals

The Black Crowes

Bruce Springsteen


The Prodigy

Johnny Warman's Magic Bus


Charly Coombes & the New breed

Four Star Mary

The Quireboys


Four Bills and a Ben (soul and Motown)

Sinking Witches

The Affray (Harley Davidson band)

The Guitar Legends

Blah Blah blah......


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